October 23, Turkish-Kurdish initiative

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Sadet Karabulut, Dutch MP of the Socialist Party and Tayfun Balcik during an interview on Radio 1 (Dutch national news radio) about the current violence in Turkey.

On the 23rd of October The Hague Peace Projects will facilitate a meeting of Turkish and Kurdish citizens of The Netherlands. Together they will talk about the current escalation of the conflict between the Turkish State and the Kurdish PKK.

Since the elections of June this year an estimated 2000 Kurdish and 150 Turkish people have been killed as a result of the violence between the two sides. A bombing of a peace demonstration in Ankara on October 10 killed at least 106 people, mostly Kurds and left-wing Turks.

The current situation of violence leads also to tensions among the Turkish/Kurdish diaspora living in Europe. In an attempt to de-escalate these tensions, Tayfun Balcik (historian, specialized in the modern history of Turkey) recently started with a group of engaged people an initiative to bring moderate Kurdish and Turkish people in the Netherlands together. By writing for blogs and newspapers, organizing meetings and engaging politicians they want to generate an open dialogue and mobilize the larger Turkish/Kurdish diaspora to support peaceful solutions.

On the 23rd of October at 19:30h a second meeting of this kind will take place at The Hague Peace Projects. First three speakers will share their view on the conflict and afterwards there will be a public discussion. Speakers are Esra Dede (medical student, storyteller, blogger) en Suna Floret (columnist of Algemeen Dagblad) en Mirko Jaoumer (political scientist). Jakob de Jonge of The Hague Peace Projects will moderate the meeting.

Place: Paviljoensgracht 20, The Hague
Date/time: Friday October 23rd, 19:30h

Entry is free, registration is required. For more info and registration, send an email to: info@thehaguepeace.org

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