16 December: Turkish – Kurdish Dialogue


The Kurdish Human Rights lawyer Tahir Elçi in Diyarbakir, minutes before he was killed in a firefight between the police and armed gunmen.

On the 16th of December, The Hague Peace Projects facilitated a meeting with Turkish and Kurdish citizens of The Netherlands. This was the second meeting where we talked about the current escalation of the conflict between the Turkish State and the Kurdish PKK and where we tried to contribute to a better understanding between Turkish and Kurdish citizens in the Netherlands.

Since the elections of June this year, many Kurdish and Turkish people have been killed as a result of the violence between the two sides. A bombing of a peace demonstration in Ankara on October 10 killed at least 106 people. The current situation of violence has led also to tensions among the Turkish/Kurdish diaspora living in Europe. In an attempt to de-escalate these tensions, a group of engaged people started a dialogue to bring moderate Kurdish and Turkish people in the Netherlands together. Six of them have started a working group together. By writing for blogs and newspapers, organizing meetings and engaging politicians they generate an open dialogue and mobilize the larger Turkish/Kurdish diaspora to support peaceful solutions.

On the 16th of December at 19:00h a second meeting of this kind took place at Stichting Argan in Amsterdam. The working group presented a concept vision-document on which they have been working during the past weeks, describing their analysis of the conflict and offering certain solutions. The document was intended as a discussion piece. During the meeting this document was shared and everyone was invited to give input in order to really make this a representative statement of everyone who wants peace between Turks and Kurds.