13 February – The importance of Ugandan elections for the peace-building process in the Great Lakes Region

uganda2In light of the upcoming elections that will take place in Uganda on 18th February 2016, The Hague Peace Projects in collaboration with the Ugandan Diaspora living in The Netherlands is organizing a debate on these upcoming elections. The debate will take place on 13th February at 19:00 in Humanity House, The Hague.

Uganda has been playing a big role in the peace-building process in the whole Great Lakes Region, for instance as mediator in current political negotiations to bring peace in Burundi. What impact do the coming elections have on the national political situations and how do they influence the role of Uganda in the region?

This debate is interesting not only for the Ugandan Diaspora living in the Netherlands, but also for Dutch citizens and for the Dutch Government, since it is one of the main partners of the Government of Uganda. The objective of this debate is to inform ourselves of electoral activities that have been taking place in Uganda. This debate will be also an opportunity to see what the role of the Ugandan Diaspora in elections and other democratization activities in their home country could be.

Speakers: Josh Maiyo, a PhD candidate at VU specialised in political economy of development. Two speakers will be members of the Ugandan diaspora in The Netherlands; Kenneth Muyingo represents the Ugandan Community Netherlands (UCN) and another speaker a group of bloggers and political activists who call themselves “Power 10“.  The forth speaker is Arne Doornebal who has worked for 6.5 years as an Africa correspondent based in Uganda and South Sudan. Their speeches will be followed by a group discussion. Entry is free, but registration is required. For more info and registration, check the website of the Humanity House.

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