13 May: Visualizing Syria – Refugees stories from the past, the present and perspective on the future

You are welcome to join us for an educative evening where Syrian refugees share their story together with the Dutch society. During this event we welcome you to think and talk with Salim, Anwaar, Hani, Shuker and Waeel about Syria before and after the war and the impact on Syrian communities. One of the major effects of this war is the move to safe heavens such as the Netherlands. By visuals we want to experience how it is to flee from home, to lose everything and to live as a foreigner in the Netherlands.

There will also be an interactive part where Dutch and Syrian participants mix in game activities. Join us for a journey that through the testimony of several Syrian refugees will take us from the past of Syria to their present conditions as refugees and join them in a discussion aimed to build a future together.

When: 13-05-2015
What time: 18:30 – 22:00
Where: The Hague Peace Projects, paviljoensgracht 20, The Hague.
Entree free, but registration required. Sign up by sending an email to info@thehaguepeace.org

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