Dialogue as an answer to violence between Turks and Kurds

The past few days there have been a number of violent incidents between Turkish and Kurdish people living in the Netherlands.

First, the writer Celal Altuntas has received death threats, because he had commented on the then possible elimination of Turkey in the European Soccer Championship. In addition, a Kurdish family in in the city of Dordrecht has been attacked in their her own house, because they had portrayed a flag on their window when their daughter passed her exams. As a reaction to this, a Turkish mosque has been attacked in Dordrecht, where visitors to the mosque have been assaulted with a steel pipe and all sorts of property in the building has been smashed to pieces.

The Hague Peace Projects condemns all these forms of violence.

Given the violent incidents of the past few days, we want to make clear to all those interested in our event saturday 25th of june, that we put safety first. That’s why we hired private security personnel and we have informed the local police. The police department of the city of The Hague will be present at Humanity House Saturday afternoon with several of their officers.

Unfortunately, the extremely regrettable incidents show us that dialogue is more than ever necessary for the Kurdish and the Turkish community in the Netherlands. Violence should never be an answer to tensions that live amongst both communities.

We started this movement because we realize that there is only one peaceful path that can get us out of this vicious cycle of polarization and violence. The first step on this path is to talk about our fears and frustations on this sensitive matter, and to listen to one another.


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