29-06: Guilty until proven innocent? Rwandans in The Netherlands accused of genocide

Around 30 Rwandans living In The Netherlands are accused of participating in the genocide of 1994. There seems to be very little substance to the accusations: it is unclear on what kind of information they are based and how it has been obtained.Flyer_Rwanda Meeting-01

Other countries in Europe have previously refused to send Rwandans back to their country. But even though the consequences might be disastrous for the ones accused and their families, The Netherlands appears to be eager to cooperate with Rwanda by pushing towards extradition or eviction. It is high time to discuss in a public setting what could be behind this seemingly odd cooperation between The Netherlands and Rwanda.

With a.o. Joris van Wijk (associate professor criminology, Vrije Universiteit, genocide-law specialist, Marieke van Eik (Prakken d’Oliveira, lawyer, migration specialist) and Victor Kwihangana (son of one of the accused Rwandans).

Join us on Wednesday 29 June at 19:30 in Humanity House, prinsegracht 8, The Hague.
Entrance is free, but registration required!

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