Living Library : Sharing Stories about Peace

On the 21st of September – The International Day of Peace – The Hague Peace Projects organizes a storytelling event. Peace activists from different conflict areas around the world tell their story and explain why they decided to dedicate themselves to peace building.

But not only they will tell their story. Also you as an audience are invited to volunteer as a ‘book’, so that other people can ‘borrow’ you for a while and hear your story. What does peace mean to you? How can we create a peaceful society and what or who inspires you to be active? You are welcome to share your personal message or experience, read other ‘living books’ and listen to inspiring speeches .

Our speakers come from many countries, like DR Congo, Turkey, The Netherlands and Bangladesh.

When: 21 september
Where: 3rd floor, Paviljoensgracht 20, Den Haag
What time: 7PM – 10PM
Entrance: 3,- (Cash)
Language: Speakers English, living library in different languages

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