Elections in Somalia: Towards sustainable peace?

In light of the coming elections in Somalia, The Hague Peace Projects and Nabaddoon Yahya Foundation are organizing a discussion meeting about the political changes and the potential for peace in the country.

The event will start with three speeches in which the speakers will give their views on different subjects; the federal system, the 4.5 clan system and its impact on the peace process. The speakers are Ismail Moalim, Somalia expert,  Shamsa Said, director of SONPCCAN and Yahye Ali, director of the Nabaddoon Yahye Foundation. Besides the speches there is enough room for questions and discussion, and you listen to Suugaan and spoken word by Jawahir Shire and Qali Nur.

Date: Saturday, October 1
Time: from 13:30 till 17:00
Location: 3rd floor Paviljoensgracht 20, The Hague
Admission: free
Language: Dutch (questions or summaries can be in other languages)

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