12 Novermber: Time to talk – Turks and Kurds in dialogue

After our first successful dialogue session in The Hague we will organize a second meeting for Dutch Turks and Dutch Kurds. In this meeting a diverse group of individuals can listen to each other and talk about the problems between and among their communities.

‘Time to talk’ takes place in Het Verhalenhuis, Rechthuislaan 1 in Rotterdam on the 12th of November from 3 to 6.

We will start the program with an introduction to the conflict of Kurds in Turkey by  dr. Michiel Leezenberg.

After this, various representatives of both groups share their story and vision. Thereafter we shall split in small groups, in which the public can engage with the representatives of the Turkish-Kurdish peace initiative, and with each other.

For more information, check out facebook event.


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