Film & Discussion: A Flood in Ba’ath Country

hobran_dam_damA Flood in Ba’ath Country (2003, Omar Amiralay)

In 1970, Omar Amiralay made a short documentary praising the Baath party’s project to build an impressive system of dams, which were subsequently revealed to contain fatal construction flaws. Thirty years later, in A Flood in Baath Country, Amiralay turns that hidden weakness into a potent metaphor for the corroding effects of 35 years of Baathist rule on the people of al-Mashi, a village 400 kilometres northeast of Damascus. As the camera patiently observes students, teachers and local government officials as they recite by rote the exact same praise for the president and slogans glorifying the party, the film coalesces into a devastating indictment of the Baathist regime.

The movie will be with English subtitles.

After the movie we will have a small discussion with some of our Syrian group members. Everyone is welcome!
When: Thursday 16 February
What time: 5 pm – 6:30 pm
Where: Paviljoensgracht 20, Den Haag
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