Supporting Sundarbans Solidarity in Netherlands

The world’s largest mangrove forest, the Sundarbans in Bangladesh, is under threat of destruction and pollution. Men’s ever growing hunger for energy and industry has led the Bangladesh India Friendship Power Company (BIFPC) to construct a massive coal power plant, just 14 kilometers from this UNESCO world heritage site – home to the last populations of the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger. One can only imagine the risk and potential devastation such a fossil fuel consuming plant will have. Further, apart from a devastating impact on nature, the forest also is a natural defense for the fragile Bengal delta against cyclones and tsunamis.

We cannot remain silent in the face of such irresponsible and barbaric behavior. On the 19th of November also HPP members voiced their discontent; despite rain and cold they showed their indignation and protest during the Sundarbans Solidarity Cycle from Haarlem to Amsterdam. And again, on the 7th of January HPP members participated in the protest in front of the Peace Palace in The Hague, to put this injustice under the attention of the International Court of Justice.

This is not the end of our protest. In the face of global warming and the unequal burden of climate change that is placed on Bangladesh, it is time to demonstrate our united strength to coal conglomerates and corrupted governments. The threat against the Sundarbans is both very real and also a symbol – this is exactly when the world should leave fossil fuels and focus on renewable energy.

Please follow us and keep up to date on opportunities for you to support our voice against the Bangladeshi government’s choice for outdated and polluting energy forms, and in support of protecting the Sundarbans.

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