Queer ervaringen Turkse gemeenschap, Caux 2017 & Iftar

Met veel genoegen delen wij mee dat onze volgende bijeenkomst van de Turks/Koerdische werkgroep plaatsvindt in Rotterdam op de Gaffelstraat 61B.

Op woensdag 7 juni gaan vanaf 18:30 we met de werkgroep in gesprek met Döne Fil. Tijdens dit interview staan haar persoonlijke ervaringen omtrent gender identiteit centraal.

In navolging hierop gaan we in het tweede gedeelte het gesprek aan met de werkgroep. Tijdens deze dag hopen we meer inzicht te verkrijgen in de ervaringen en issues waar queer mensen van kleur dagelijks mee te maken hebben in Nederland. Zowel binnen de ‘eigen’ subgroep maar ook binnen de Nederlandse maatschappij in het algemeen.  We sluiten de avond af met een gezamenlijke iftar.

Mensen die geïnteresseerd zijn om mee te komen naar Caux Zwitserland kunnen zich tijdens deze werkgroep ook inschrijven en informeren. Dit evenement vindt plaats van 4 tot en met 9 juli. We zullen in totaal met ongeveer 12 personen deelnemen.

Tijdens deze conferentie komen mensen die werkzaam zijn omtrent dialoog en conflictresolutie van over de hele wereld bij elkaar. De Nederlandse delegatie van Armeense, Koerdische en Turkse diaspora hebben een eigen werkgroep programma. Verder is er de mogelijkheid deel te nemen aan andere programma’s omtrent dialoog en conflictresolutie van over de hele wereld.

Ben je ook geïnteresseerd? Kom dan langs, het gehele verblijf (inclusief eten en drinken en overnachting) wordt gesponsord en is dus gratis. Je dient alleen je eigen reiskosten (€200-€250) te betalen.

Om deel te kunnen nemen moet je:
– woonachtig zijn in de gemeente Rotterdam
– student zijn of in de leeftijd van 18 t/m 25
– betrokkenheid hebben met de Turks/Koerdisch/Armeense gemeenschappen

Link programma ‘Just Governance for Human Security: Addressing extremes of all kinds’

Zie ook ons website voor meer informatie

Dit event op 7 juni is gratis, maar aanmelden op eventbrite is verplicht.

The Future of Syria & Integration: Aspirations and Challenges

On the occasion of the Oriental Landscapes (June 16-23), Global Week for Syria and the International Refugee Day (June 20) The Hague Peace Projects and Music and Beyond Foundation are organizing a two day conference on the Future of Syria on the 19th– 20th of June. The first day will consist of a discussion surrounding the future of Syria; During the morning we will have panel discussions with high level experts involved in the peace negotiations on Syria. This will be followed by various workshops related to different aspects of rebuilding Syria. The second day will be focusing on the integration of newcomers into Dutch society, with our two main topics consisting of economic integration and social/cultural integration. We will bring together those organizations and institutions responsible for integration and the refugee community in order to promote better understanding and cooperation in the integration process.

Day 1: Future of Syria

Since 2011, the Syrian war has forced half of the total Syrian population to leave their homes and more than half a million Syrian have lost their lives. This war has profoundly destabilized the entire region and created a geopolitical standoff between great regional and global powers. Although the development of the war in Syria is uncertain, it is crucial for Syrians as well as the international community to envision a future, which strives for security, justice and peace.

Therefore, the Hague Peace Projects will bring together high- level speakers from Syria and the Netherlands to explore the possible outlines of the future of Syria. There will be a panel discussion in the morning that will also follow the recent changes and the on-going negotiation processes over Syria.

In the afternoon, several workshops will be organised by Syrian activists who are together looking for common ground to contribute to peace building in their country of origin by considering themes on workshops such as: the war economy, transitional justice, empowering women and youth, local governance and strengthening local communities.

Day 1 Monday 19 June: The Future of Syria

09.30 – 10.00
Registration  Coffee/ Tea
10.00 – 12.15
1st Panel Discussion: Future of Syria

Speakers: Rabie Nasser, Bassam Alahmad, Hala Alahmed.
Moderation: Esseline van de Sande

12.15 – 13.15
Lunch break
13.15 – 15.00
Workshop Part 1:
  • Youth Peace Initiative: Role of diaspora in peace building
  • PAX: Building blocks for a future in Syria
  • HIVOS: Women in peace negotiations
15.00 – 15.15
15.15 – 16.45
Workshop: Part 2:

1.      The group Moderators from the workshops discuss the findings of the group in a panel setting.

2.      The floor opens to public.

17.00 – 18.00
Registration for the music event (free for the participants of the conference)
18.00 – 19.00
Lecture (interview with Tony Overwater)
19.00 – 20.00
Food: Syrian Cuisine
20.00 – 22.00
Concert: Salon Joussour – Rohana Overwater Ensemble

Reserve Tickets here for Day 1

Day 2: Integration: Aspirations and Challenges

After the influx of large groups of refugees from different countries in the past few years the national government, municipalities and civil society organizations have proposed many solutions for a smooth integration. Not all of them have shown clearly positive results and some policy measures even create great confusion and uncertainty among permit holders. One of the reasons of this failure could be a lack of consultation of permit holders. Thus, taking into account permit holders ‘ needs, capabilities, aspirations and suggestions for successful integration could be the most fruitful way forward for all of the parties.

Therefore, this event is intended to bring together policy makers and integration specialists from different organizations and municipalities including permit holders in order to discuss the obstacles and solutions towards a successful integration in The Netherlands.

The morning section is reserved for two panel discussions regarding specific aspects of integration, such as the labour market and social-cultural integration, where policy makers, academic and permit holders will share their knowledge and concerns. In the afternoon, permit holders together with local civil society activists will be conducting workshops to find solutions for some of the most pressing integration issues faced currently.

Day 2 Tuesday 20 June: Integration: Aspirations and Challenges

09.30 – 10.00
Registration  Coffee/Tea
10.00 – 12.00
1st Panel discussion: Integration in to the Dutch Labor Market

Speakers: Quirine Veth (workforce.nl), Catrien Smit (Den Haag municipality), Tesseltje de Lange (Amsterdam University), George Kader
Moderation: Mohammed Taha

12.00 – 13:00
Lunch break
13.00 – 15.00
2nd Panel Discussion: Social & Cultural integration

Speakers:  Kees Diepenveen (Wethouder Utrecht), Mirjam Huisman (VluchtelingenWerk) Besan Zarzar (Net in Nederland)
Moderation: Lisanne Boersma

15.00 – 15.15
Proceed to the workshops
15.15 – 16.30
Workshop Part 1
  • Khaled Elhouz and Heba Elebrahim: Education in the Netherland
  • VluchtelingenWerk Nederland: Labor integration
  • Unity in Diversity – Let’s talk Stereotypes
16.30 – 16.45
16.45 – 18.00
Workshop: Part 2:

1.      The moderators from the workshops discuss the findings of the group in a panel setting.

2.      The floor opens to public.

18.30 – 21.00

Aura Rascon – bansuri
Jol Alholo – dance
George Kadr – poetry
Ghaeth Almaghoot – clarinet
Nawras Altaky – oud
Sougata Roy Chowdhury – sarod

Reserve Tickets here for day 2

Location: Korzo Theatre, Prinsestraat 42, Den Haag
19 & 20 June

Great Lakes Region: This is what we do

The Great Lakes Region Working Group is a group of Diaspora citizens from the conflict countries on the region i.e. Uganda, Congo, Burundi & Rwanda. All these countries have common historical experiences of war and violence. As a group, we meet to learn a lot from each other about our turbulent past and how we can use that to bring sustainable peace in the region.

Because of the geo-political problems caused by the regional despots, the conflicts tend to spread tension in all the region inform of refugee influx, cross border violence and wide spread insecurity. Whenever someone from Uganda or Burundi mentioned challenges, someone from Rwanda or Congo could share a similar experience.

Therefore as a measure to create a voice for the diaspora citizens from the GRL, The Hague Peace Projects established this group in 2015. Up to date the group has conducted two annual conferences and other smaller activities to raise awareness, inform and provide host nation, government departments, media, school institutions and the civil society with information about the region.

We strive to strengthen the commitment among the Great Lakes diaspora communities to organize for peace in the region, be involved in lobbying for human rights and take part in networking through meetings. We lobby through our programs to enable the diaspora to contribute to good governance, peacebuilding and accountability in the region.

We advocate for the inclusion of the diaspora in conflict resolution and peacebuilding in the region. Currently the news that comes from the region is dominated by conflict rather than peace. We want the world to know – despite the prevailing conflicts in the region – some peace efforts have been made although the real impact of the efforts are not yet felt by the people.

We are more and more recognized as serious partners, consulted by policy makers. We aim that in Europe, NGO’s, governments seeking to promote rule of law in the Great Lakes region, or the IND seeking expertise in the region, the voice of the diaspora should be heard.

To achieve our objectives we organize different forms of events in the Netherlands ranging from workshops, conferences, social cultural activities and forums to inform, educate and generate solutions.

Presently we have monthly thematic evenings, normally the 2nd Friday of the month, where we invite different expert speakers to help us understand the different dynamics around peace building. Our subjects are peace, elections, gender, minorities, responsible information sharing, human rights issues, civic space and democratic governance. These meetings are open to public and you are warmly welcome to attend the next event, we normally publicize the events beforehand.


Inschrijving gestart: Vredesconferentie Caux 2017


Van 4 tot 9 juli vindt in Caux (Zwitserland) de jaarlijkse ‘Just Governance for Human Security’ plaats, en The Hague Peace Projects gaat erheen. Ben je geïnteresseerd om mee te gaan, lees dan hieronder verder:

Het vijf-daagse event wordt georganiseerd door Initiatives of Change en is al meer dan 70 jaar een inspirerende plek voor de ontwikkeling van wederzijds vertrouwen. Na de Tweede Wereldoorlog kwamen hier groepen mensen (groepen die elkaar naar het leven stonden, Duitsers & Fransen) bij elkaar om te praten over vrede, dialoog en de wederopbouw van Europa. Nu is het uitgegroeid tot een heus mondiale happening met deelnemers over de hele wereld.

Naast de vele boeiende events over conflicten in Amerika, Afrika, Azië, radicalisering en andere problemen die de wereldvrede bedreigen, is er ook een programma over (historische) conflicten die Turkije aangaan. Een internationaal gezelschap van studenten uit Armenië, Libanon, Turkije en Europa komen bij elkaar om te praten over de Armeense genocide in 1915 en de huidige conflicten die het zuid-oosten van Turkije teisteren.

Aan de deelname van dit event zijn geen kosten verbonden. Wel ben je zelf verantwoordelijk voor de reiskosten naar de locatie (ticket naar Geneve + treinreis naar Caux = ongeveer 250 euro).

Mocht je als Rotterdammer met roots in het huidige Turkije, interesse hebben om aan dit unieke event deel te nemen, stuur dan zsm (in ieder geval voor 4 juni) je motivatiebrief met persoonlijke gegevens  naar inf[at]thehaguepeace.org of b.bayrak[at]thehaguepeace.org