Humanitarian aid: Help for Nicaragua

Due to the silence of the state and the lack of information, thousands of Nicaraguans were and are exposed to the COVID-19 virus. The dispersion and appearance of hundreds of possible cases alarm the population and triggers anguish in the situation that could be developed in the following weeks.

We are currently developing a campaign to help different vulnerable groups in Nicaragua, which are:

  • Nursing homes for the elderly 
  • Orphanages 
  • Oncology Centers 
  • Community health clinics

The idea is to provide medical materials, cleaning supplies and basic survival products to the organizations present within these groups, supporting them and extending a hand to provide professional medical help by volunteer doctors.

We work with organizations throughout Nicaragua in the main affected or high-risk areas.

These Humanitarian Aid Kits will contain:

Soluble serum and if possible intravenousJar of powdered milk with nutrients
MasksLiquid alcohol
Alcohol gelDisinfectant Wipes
ThermometersSurface Disinfectant Liquid 
Basic grainsCleaning supplies 
VitaminsNebulizers and masks

In order to help Nicaraguan Small and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs) that have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis, we want to get all our material and supplies from them.
That’s why we are developing a list of collaborators and SMEs that are willing to work for the success of this campaign. 

Direct purchase to SMEs:

  1. Farmers: basic grains.
  2. Organization of Volunteers: masks.
  3. Local stores: Cleaning and alcohol supplies.
  4. Local Grocery stores: Basic household items.
  5. Medical equipment supplies.

Group of volunteers: (minimum specs)

  1. Doctor and Paramedic: Recognize and treat zones of infection. Give small checkups to users and workers.
  2. Nurse: Give recommendations to users and workers.