Nicaragua updates on #COVID19

For the past week Nicaragua has been experimenting a significant growth in COVID-19 cases and deaths that the government has publicly denied.

The Ortega’s regime is also threatening healthcare workers who dare to wear gloves and masks, all because according to them “it scares patients and makes them panic”. Additionally, if any healthcare worker wants to quit, they will take away their license for good.

Several doctors have spoken up about the government’s negligence with the current pandemic AND have been fired consequently.

People have started donating to different clinics and hospitals, but it has been done secretly as the contributions may be taken away by the authorities.

A group of people were taken to jail just this week because the Sandinista Police says it’s “illegal to donate surgical masks”.

Due to recent events, we cannot say the exact place where donations are going, but we can show you what we’ve bought with all your help.

The first donations consist of 1,140 reusable masks that went all to healthcare workers (as shown below)

100 in Granada
550 in Tipitapa, Managua, Estelí
390 in Matagalpa
100 to a hospital in Managua

We are now working to distribute the kits and will keep you posted.


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