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Nicaragua updates on #COVID19

For the past week Nicaragua has been experimenting a significant growth in COVID-19 cases and deaths that the government has publicly denied. The Ortega’s regime is also threatening healthcare workers who dare to wear gloves and masks, all because according to them “it scares patients and makes them panic”. Additionally, if any healthcare worker wants […]

Think encourages individuals to think

Think is a volunteer-led charity that makes engaging videos on history, science, and art. The charity is founded by Bonya Ahmed and Imtiaz Shams- human rights defenders who have been an integral part of annual HPP events over the past few years. Think videos are made in several languages, including Bangla. The reason for creating […]

We stand together against #COVID19

When we talk about Nicaragua we often talk about its totalitarian regime, of course we also mention its natural beauties and the warmth of its people. But this time, we are here to highlight their solidarity in the middle of harsh circumstances. To commemorate two years after the April 2018 civil uprising against their government, […]

Humanitarian aid: Help for Nicaragua

Due to the silence of the state and the lack of information, thousands of Nicaraguans were and are exposed to the COVID-19 virus. The dispersion and appearance of hundreds of possible cases alarm the population and triggers anguish in the situation that could be developed in the following weeks. We are currently developing a campaign […]

Media campaign: Let’s talk about COVID-19

In collaboration with different communication agencies and affiliated organizations of the Nicaraguan diaspora, we will be developing and distributing precautionary measures based on the specific situation that the Nicaraguan population is going through, through different media and activities. The majority of the Nicaraguan population do not have sufficient resources to buy medical supplies, to stay […]

Humane First Movement campaigning against sexual violence

Humane First Movement, a collaboration partner of the Bangladesh Workgroup at The Hague Peace Projects, recently started its campaign on the prevention of sexual violence. Md. Sayem Hossain, volunteer of the movement shares his thoughts on the campaign: Humane First Movement is running its current campaign on the prevention of rape and sexual violence against […]

Threats to Human Rights Defenders in The Netherlands

Foreign human rights activists who work in the Netherlands or live as refugees are regularly victims of threats, intimidation or even violence. Each time there are clear indications that these incidents are organized by the country of origin, with the aim of preventing the human rights activist living in the Netherlands from talking about the […]

#BeHumaneFirst in a nutshell

Be Humane First in a nutshell!Recently, The Hague Peace Projects signed a MOU with Be Humane First, a movement contributing towards promoting social cohesion in Bangladesh. (Info-graphic prepared by Sayem Hossain, a member of the movement).