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The Road Ahead

Humane First Movement, an undertaking largely based on cyberspace, has emerged as a strategic rebuttal to the growing religious fundamentalism & extremism in Bangladesh.

Dictators In Fear of Stories and Story-Tellers

By Shahzoda Nazarova Samarkandi Shahzoda Nazarova runs Red Intellect with her husband, Mehdi Jami an Iranian-British media consultant. Shahzoda was a guest speaker in the Freedom Book Fair, 2019 – held in The Hague, The Netherlands . Red Intellect, is a private publishing company based in the North Holland that promotes Tajik/Persian literature and brings […]

Toerkoes in Nieuw-West 4

Join us for the Forth edition of the event “Toerkoes in Nieuw-West” with topic “Ben jij nou Turks of Marokkaans? Wat betekent het vaak gecombineerde gebruik van de termen ‘Turken’ en ‘Marokkanen’?” at 19h on 26th March in @NewMetropolis. #ToerkoesinNieuwWest4 You can find more information about the event and the way to reserve your tickets […]

Salute Avijit and Bonya

By: Shucheesmita Simonti. It was perhaps the 27th or 28th of February when I first saw the news. It was extremely terrifying to hear about an American-Bangladeshi couple who had been brutally attacked at the Ekushey Book Fair by Radical Islamists. The husband, Avijit Roy, did not survive the attack. His wife, Bonya Ahmed, was […]

Sudan: In response to nation-wide protests, Omar al-Bashir declares a state of emergency and dissolves the government

On the 22nd of February 2019 Sudan’s president – Omar al-Bashir, dissolved the government and declared a state of emergency for one year. He addressed the nation on television by saying “I announce imposing a state of emergency across the country for one year and dissolving the government at the federal level and at the […]

The Ekushey Book Fair :A Vehicle of Harsh Censorship

The Ekushey Book Fair is the single most important literary event in Bangladeshi culture that has a proud history going back to the Bangla language movement of 1952. The book fair had been the main congregation of authors and readers in Bangladesh, and a festival that cherished freedom of expression and diversity of opinion. However, […]

Sudanese Media Under Al-Bashir’s Turmoil

By: Khalid Abdallah It is a turning point in Sudan history, as the country enters the third week of mass demonstrations demanding that president Omar Al-Bashir’s regime steps down. The government tough procedures against media outlets and the press have been the main target of the government’s security apparatus; ranging from censorship to confiscations and […]

Peace Polls 2018- What We Read In The Polls

By Yoanna Daskalova   The 2018 Peace Perceptions Poll was conducted at a time of rampant global conflicts rendering millions of people traumatized, injured, killed or displaced. It is a context of international great power rivalry and incessant downgrading of global norms such as human rights protection and adequate provision of humanitarian aid. The Poll […]

Turks in New-West

Little is know about the journey of the Turks in the Netherlands  and what they have had to put up with to integrate into the Dutch society. It is not just the little known story of a group of immigrants that left their country in search of work in the Netherlands and thereafter had children. […]