Bangladeshi Bloggers

The Hague Peace Projects is setting up a platform for exiled bloggers from Bangladesh who fled to Europe because of the increasing threat of freedom of expression in general and towards critical thinkers personally. Many bloggers and publishers were named on so-called ‘death lists’. Writers and bloggers who could, have left the country. Those who couldn’t, chose to be silent.

The Hague Peace Projects, in collaboration with International Humanist and Ethical Union and Mukta-Mona, a free mind platform, organized a Bangladesh alternative book fair in Humanity House The Hague. The “Bangladesh Solidarity Book Fair” in The Hague was a reflection of the Ekushey National Book Fair held annually at Dhaka University, a major date on the intellectual calendar of Bangladesh. It was at Ekushey that the first of last year’s targeted murders of secular writers took place, with the assassination of author Avijit Roy as he left the fair on 26 February 2015.