Report of the discussion “Freedom of Expression in Turkey: Challenges for Dialogue and Peace”

On 25th of February we held a discussion about freedom of expression in Turkey which was part of The Hague Freedom Book Fair 2017. In the light of the recent events in Turkey we found it necessary to have a discussion over journalistic freedom, democratic liberties and the overall situation in Turkey. The discussion panel […]

Report of the discussion “Freedom of Speech vs Hate Speech”

At the first night of The Hague Freedom Book Fair, on 24th of February, a passionate and controversial discussion on the relationship between freedom of speech and hate speech was held. The panel consisted of Paul Cliteur (Professor of Philosophy of Law at Leiden university), Marloes van Noorloos (Assistant Professor and hate speech expert at […]

Review of Freedom Book Fair 2017

When the doors of Het Nutshuis in The Hague were opened at the 24th of February 2017 at 1 o´clock in the afternoon, the second edition of the Freedom Book Fair had started. The focus was on authors who are censored or forbidden in their home countries and books who deal with freedom of expression […]

The Freedom Book Fair is a festival about freedom and is much more than just a book fair. It is a place where activists, writers, journalists, artists and critical citizens come together to call attention to a more free, just and peaceful society. The program consists of workshops, panel discussions, film screenings, performances, dialogues, book readings and much more.

This year it will take place from the 2nd until the 4th of May at the Migratie Museum in Den Haag.

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