Het samenbrengen van mensenrechten & technologie in Den Haag

Onderstaand artikel is geschreven en gepubliceerd door Impact City Tijdens Movies that Matter Festival 2019, werd voor de tweede keer de Ideation Session georganiseerd in samenwerking met The Hague Hacks, Border Sessions en ImpactCity. Tijdens deze sessie kwamen vertegenwoordigers uit de mensenrechten-sector en de technologie-branche samen in Den Haag om te brainstormen. Het doel van […]

The Hague Hacks 2018: Being Part of the Solution

Hack. Hacking. Hacker. These words are traditionally associated with gaining access to a computer system without permission. But a new generation of techies and problem solvers are reappropriating the word. In the last few decades, “Hackathons” have emerged as an exciting meet-up for computer programmers, coders, graphic designers, business professionals, project managers, companies, medical experts… everyone under the sun. All are welcome […]

The Hague Hacks is a project within The Hague Peace Projects that strives to bridge the gap between human rights and technology. We do so by connecting a range of trans-disciplinary actors to create and/or develop technology that empowers human rights defenders and improves the safety and freedom of victims of human rights violations.

Our approach to achieving these goals is our Design for Activism Program. This program is subdivided into four parts: Activism, Ideation, Design, and Development. The Hague Hacks is part of a solution-driven human rights movement. We transform ideas into long-term sustainable actions. To learn more about The Hague Hacks, visit our website and watch short video of our annual Hague Hacks Festival 2018.

Steen & Claire

Steen & Claire

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