Looking for an Expert?

You have the ability to connect with the Hague Peace Projects by making use of our expertise in the field. We offer an ambitious team with a common goal to strive for peace in the Netherlands, and further away. Our experts stem from different backgrounds and have developed different interests. Therefore, each of us is specialized in its own subtopic. Notwithstanding, everyone underlines the mission of the Hague Peace Projects to find peaceful solutions to conflicts, by means of dialogue and art.

If you are keen to discover the possibilities, or want to receive further information, approach us by sending an e-mail to info@thehaguepeace.org or visit our office in the Hague.

Jakob de Jonge – Human Rights & Artexpertise 2
Jakob is both expert in the area of visual arts and human rights. Through his experience in the field, he can provide objective information on the Dutch immigration policy. Jakob is skilled in being a moderator and mediator, especially in the field of peacebuilding.

246980_540052292719286_1935126975_nLisanne Boersma – Middle East
Lisanne can operate as a moderator, especially within educational projects. She is active in the field of peacebuilding, with a focus on the role of religion and women. Lisanne is most of all knowledgably about the Middle East and Islam, and its influence in the Netherlands.

Martin Slaats – Human Rights Law
Martin offers through lecturing an understanding of peace and conflict by an international law angle. He is an expert in international human rights law, criminal law and humanitarian law. Furthermore, martin knows about international relations and corporate responsibility

Tayfun Balcik – Turkey expertise 3
Tayfun is keen to educate about peace and conflict from a historical approach. He can provide insightful information about the Turkish/Kurdish engagement, and approaches peaceful solutions to this conflict.

Expert Great Lake Region
Among our team members, we have several expert on the Great Lake Region in Africa. Through firsthand experience in Congo and Rwanda, they are able to educate thoroughly about the conflict in the Great Lake Region. Together with you, they can address peaceful solutions to this conflict in the Netherlands.

Sophie van Denderen – Human Rights & Sustainable Development 
Sophie is an enthusiastic student at the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme offered by Leiden University College in The Hague. Through her major ‘International Justice’ and minor ‘Sustainability’, Sophie is able to lecture about human rights and sustainable development. Furthermore, Sophie is keen to offer Dutch language trainings to diaspora.