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The Hague Peace Projects is a Peace and Human Rights organization based in The Hague, ‘The International City of Peace and Justice’ since 2014.

The Hague Peace Projects

We benefit from the knowledge our diversity brings

Many of our colleagues have fled their home countries to escape repression or violence, and have found refuge here in The Hague. The Hague Peace Projects has helped them to consolidate their position here in The Netherlands, to reconnect with and expand their networks by pursuing their own projects, and to work together with local organizations and communities to further their human rights objectives in The Netherlands and in their countries of origin.

How did we start?

The Hague Peace Projects was founded in 2014 by four human rights professionals who were equally worried by a quick succession of new conflicts emerging globally at the time: Syria, Yemen, Central African Republic, Ukraine, and Libya. At the same time, many unsolved conflicts continued to take the lives of innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Congo, and many other places.

Having worked intensively with refugees and human rights defenders who had come to the Netherlands from conflict areas, we recognized in them a powerful catalyst for social change. However, there was no infrastructure for these activists who had become victims of conflict and oppression to continue their work for peace and justice. Rarely did they get involved in the established human rights and development efforts. Considering this omission as an enormous waste of wisdom and experience, we decided that a new organization needed to be created in order to provide them with the opportunity to continue their work from within their diaspora communities.

Ever since, our organization has been growing and flourishing, attracting hundreds of activists and volunteers to spend their energy on resolving conflicts and defending human rights worldwide.


Our Mission

NIcaragua Activism The Hague Peace Projects

We support the Changemakers of society.

These are the brave individuals who create real change from the bottom up. Change that stands for respect for human rights and dignity, and honest cooperation between equals.

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At The Hague Peace Projects we build communities of trust in places where division and fear between people is the norm. Creating safe and brave spaces for dialogue helps to establish new and unlikely connections, ultimately generating common ground between communities across all lines that keep people divided: religious, ethnic, national, or political.

Starting with diaspora communities, we empower groups to reconstruct their motivations and skills to deal with conflicts peacefully, using a wide range of tools such as dialogue, research, advocacy, education, cultural events, and media.

Together we aim to contribute to well-informed, resilient, vocal, globally connected & inclusive civil societies in areas affected by conflict and oppression, capable of realizing nonviolent social and political transformation.

We believe that respectful dialogue is the beginning of a path to building understanding, trust, and cooperation.

The tools and resources of The Hague Peace Projects offer a sustainable and decentralized human rights-minded work-flow. Together with local communities we embrace inclusiveness and utilize the knowledge, expertise, and creativity that this diversity has to offer.

Without being exhaustive, our intended outputs are:

Human Rights Defender support
HRD practical and emergency support
Problem discovery and definition
Dialogue and conflict resolution
Peace building
Capacity building
Community building
Advocacy and Lobbying
Education and awareness

By representing the changemakers of society and supporting them with the tools and resources of The Hague Peace Projects, we support cultural change from the bottom-up and drive a long-term positive impact on global human rights challenges.

Why is our work so important?

Over the past decades, instability, insecurity and oppression have spread globally.

The events of 9/11 and the violent response afterwards have rapidly worsened this trend. Many societies are facing similar challenges: refugee crises, nationalist and religious extremism, a clampdown of freedoms and a spread of violent conflict.

In the process, entire states have collapsed into chaos or succumbed to totalitarian regimes. Competing geopolitical interests, lack of leadership, and self-centered economic and political elites are actively undermining the lives and human dignity of millions. Unequal distribution of wealth and power and polarization along religious, ethnic, tribal or political lines keep people divided. Innocent people everywhere have become victims of war and left in situations of oppression, lawlessness and despair. Their voices have been neglected and their interests disregarded.

Worldwide, countless individuals are already working day-by-day to alleviate suffering and promote peace and justice within their own communities. These unnamed heroes often risk their own life and well-being in the process. Understanding their own history, culture, languages and politics like no one else, they are the ones to determine realistic ways towards justice, democracy and peace. However, the same civil society actors are often also weakened themselves by polarization, oppression, disinformation, trauma and a lack of power.

These are society’s Changemakers. Human rights defenders and diaspora communities from conflict areas are our most powerful catalysts for both conflict resolution and peace building.

It is only through a concerted effort by an inclusive civil society, that real political, social, and environmental transformation be achieved.

These Changemakers need your support!

How do we support Human Rights?



We are a support platform for human rights defenders and migrant groups.

We provide resources, counseling, capacity building, tools, networking and collaborations, classes, and a safe and brave space for dialogue and human rights enterprise.

Education and Awareness


Our grassroot experience is essential to our educational programs in schools and universities.

We raise awareness of human rights challenges and violent conflicts through our events, and our campaigns and publications in social media, magazines, and journals.



We encourage and assist in non-violent activism and conflict resolution.

This includes peaceful protest, lobbying, dialogue, intercultural and interfaith conferences, campaigning, and problem-solving with technology.

Coalition for the ICC

The Hague Peace Projects is a member of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Coalition for the ICC

The Hague Peace Projects supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and wants to make sure we leave a better planet for future generations.

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Your contribution will support the efforts of Human Rights Defenders around the world who strive for peace, dignity, and human rights in their communities.

Our Team

Our team consists of dedicated professionals and diaspora from all over the world with a broad expertise in conflict prevention, peace building, and human rights.

Former Environmental Researcher at one of Nicaragua’s largest protected areas, is now part of #SOSNICARAGUA, a non-violent international civil ressistance movement that works towards restablishing democracy and peace in a country torn by dictatorship and violence.

Executive Director of The Hague Peace Projects

Chale Guadamuz

A creative generalist with years of experience in the industry. Originally an engineering graduate he has combined his technical and creative skills to launch numerous companies and as a keen human rights activist oversees the form and function of HPP projects and strategies.

HPP Strategy and Communications / Head The Hague Hacks

Steen Bentall

Founder of Xenolearn, Claire cares deeply about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her mission is to make the world safer for human differences.

HPP Logistics and Education / Project Manager The Hague Hacks

Claire Leunissen

Trony helps to harness and nurture the potential of individuals, groups, and communities in Europe and Africa. She has a background in communications, international relations and business, and is a graduate of Daystar University Kenya, and Webster University Leiden.

Social Media Manager

Dalila Cataldi

Mirko has a BA in Business Economics and a BA in Political Science at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. He is the financial secretary for the Hague Peace Projects while also co-hosting dialogue events for the Kurdish and Turkish diaspora here in the Netherlands. Mirko also provides fiscal services to other companies and organizations through his own company.

Finance Officer The Hague Peace Projects

Mîrko Jouamér

Tayfun is a historian, specialized in the modern history of Turkey. He is active for The Hague Peace Projects as coordinator of the Middle East and North Africa work group, with a main focus on the Dutch-Armenian-Kurdish-Turkish dialogue and research projects. Tayfun writes for the paper ‘De Kanttekening’ and is a member of the New Amsterdam Council.

HPP Work Group Leader and Project Officer

Tayfun Balçik


At The Hague Peace Projects we have an large network of volunteer members who contribute to our activities with their own specific knowledge, expertise, connections, and ideas. Are you ready to take action?

HPP Board Members

Our Board of Directors is comprised of human rights workers and defenders from around the world.

President: Berna Keskindemir
Vice President: Otieno Ong’ayo
Director, Secretary: Jakob de Jonge
Board Member: Hannibal Saad
Board Member: Ram Ramlal

Our Network

The Hague Peace Projects has an extensive network of friends and partnerships. These are just some of the national and international organisations that we work with:

Coalition for the ICC
Coalition for the ICC
Coalition for the ICC
Coalition for the ICC