Millions of people around the world are demanding real change. Our work is about empowering these people to make these changes possible.

Empowering Society's Changemakers

We believe that change is possible. Achieving tangible victories in the fields of environment, democracy and social justice, are the focus of our everyday work.

How do we do this?

We provide a basic income, education, and support to those working on the front lines of human rights and the environment.

Our grassroots approach challenges the path of top-down leadership that has brought us here, and is still playing catch-up with changes that matter.

We support grassroot peace projects and initiatives so that genuine efforts towards peace and positive change are able to continue and educate those in positions of responsibility around the world.

For more information about the work and challenges of these Changemakers, please click here.

Annual Events

The Hague Peace Projects has a number of reoccuring events each year

The Hague Hacks Festival

Bridging the gap between human rights and technology.

Movies That Matter

Watch powerful human rights films and brainstorm solutions with the activists and directors.

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