Emotional Support

Emotional well-being is your basic human right

Program scope: Nicaraguan Diaspora

The Emotional Support & Wellness Program was set up in response to the crisis in Nicaragua and seeks to provide emotional support to Nicaraguan exiles residing in The Netherlands.

Individual Emotional Support Sessions Online

  • Emotional Support sessions are provided to Nicaraguan refugees suffering from anxiety, sadness, or life difficulties
  • 1 to 6 free online sessions with an Emotional Support Listener
  • Aimed at people over 18 years of age
  • Support sessions are in English
  • This is not a clinical therapy

In this program you will receive:

  • Virtual accompaniment to individuals through listening and conversation
  • Self-care and stress management information
  • Practical information for well-being and integration in the Netherlands
  • Emotional support program is delivered by nonprofessionals of mental health
  • All sessions and information in English language

This program does not offer:

  • A therapeutic relationship
  • Treatment for any mental health condition, including medication
  • Advice and solutions for your personal life situations
  • Child or family therapy

The button above will open a small form with questions to give us an idea of your current situation and how we can accompany you. The survey will take approximately 9 minutes to complete.

Program Mission


  • To promote the emotional health of Nicaraguan refugees in The Netherlands by offering peer-level emotional support, intervention, and education.
  • To support the well-being and integration of Nicaraguan refugees by offering practical information for daily life in The Netherlands (healthcare, transport, utilities, benefits etc.).

Program Vision


We envision a Nicaraguan community in The Netherlands who embrace their right to safe, accessible, and affordable mental healthcare on the basis of non-discrimination.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do the Emotional Support sessions work?
All sessions are held virtually by a video call arranged between you and the volunteer.

2. Do I have to attend all the sessions?
You are free to attend all the sessions if you feel comfortable, it is for you to decide how you feel and if you want to continue talking to our volunteers. The first step is just to give it a try.. it is your choice.

3. Do I have to speak to the same person every time?
If you feel there is a lack of connection in your conversation we will offer a different person to accompany you, if another volunteer is available.

4. Do I have to answer uncomfortable questions?
You will be speaking and sharing only what you feel comfortable with and have no obligations to speak or answer anything that you don’t want to. The conversation can stop whenever you want and no one will judge you.

5. Can I trust your volunteers?
Conversations are strictly confidential and stay between you and the Emotional Support Listener. Our volunteers abide by the values of honesty, personal boundaries, confidentiality, non-judgment, and compassion.

Our Emotional Support Listeners are here for you whenever you are ready.

Request For Accompaniment

The button above will open a small form with questions to give us an idea of your current situation and how we can accompany you. The survey will take approximately 9 minutes to complete.

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