Integration Caravan is visiting…. Dordrecht!

The Integration Caravan, a project created and organised by our Syrian working group, is visiting Dordrecht on saterday 26th of October. This will be the 5th visit of a city in the Netherlands. Come and visit us at Scheffersplein, between 11 and 3.

We create spaces where community members just like you can meet a refugee and engage in constructive dialogue. Also we give the Dutch people an opportunity to get to know refugee ask important questions such as ‘how is it to start a new life in the Netherlands? what should the refugees learn about our country? And what do we have in common and what can we share?’

We believe that healthy communities are the ones in which its community members can talk to each other despite their different backgrounds. You can hear stories you don’t find in the news papers.

All in all it was a very successful way of talking to people you normally hardly meet and create mutual understanding. Reactions in previsous cities were truly positive. We are very motivated to take this further to Dordrecht. Check our calendar to see where we’re going next time!