Freedom Book Fair: Somali Poetry Night – SOLD OUT

somali-poetry-pngPeace and War through Spoken Word

From Sayid Abdullah also known as the Mad Mullah by the British, to modern day poets as Hadraawi and Idaajaa, all have used poetry as the main method of communication in times of War and Peace.

This evening we will talk about the various forms and uses poetry has in bringing together a community. We will certainly not just talk, but mostly enjoy different forms of poetry such as Gabay, Geraar, Buraanbur, Heeso and much more. No idea what those are? All the more reason to come and be properly introduced to Somali Poetry!

Where: Nutshuis, Riviervismarkt 5, Den Haag
When: 24 February
What time: 9PM – 11PM


Zaynab A J Dahir: Educationalist and author of several children books and educational books. Zaynab is an activist and promoter of the Somali language among Somali children raised in the UK. She runs her own organisation, Galool Somali, which publishes teaching materials for learning Somali.

Abdirahman Mohammed Abtidoon: Abtidoon is a promoter and an activist of the Somali language, art, storytelling and educationist as well as the writer of several books. He is an avid linguist and grammarian as well poetry reader.


Susu Amina
Malique Mohamud
Qali Nur

Entrance is free, but registration is required.

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