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this is some place

Threats to Human Rights Defenders in The Netherlands

Foreign human rights activists who work in the Netherlands or live as refugees are regularly victims of threats, intimidation or even violence. Each time there are clear indications that these incidents are organized by the country of origin, with the aim of preventing the human rights activist living in the Netherlands from talking about the […]

Freedom Book Fair: Canan Marasligil

This article is published on al.arte magazine, written by Tine Lavent. She is writing a book about translation and why she translates. In French, dotted with Turkish words when her heart calls for it. Canan Marasligil’s poems, artistic practice, and workshops revolve around creating space. A safe space, to exchange thoughts about women’s rights, migration, […]

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Help for Nicaraguan asylum seekers

In this current period of a global pandemic the already harsh…

Help for Nicaragua

Due to the silence of the state and the lack of information,…

COVID-19 Emergency

In collaboration with different communication agencies and affiliated…

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