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About the Project

The Hague X Beirut empowers Human Rights activists in Beirut by providing their basic needs so that they can focus on building a better Lebanon for everyone.We cover the basic needs of three Human Rights activists that you select,
We increase the market capacity of Lebanese artists, and we pay them,
We amplify Lebanese voices across the globe, so that they are heard and protected.

Join our Next Event!

On November 29th, at 4pm (CET) we will host our first event, and finally, you’ll get to interact directly with the team!
Amanda Haydar will welcome everyone to an hour of live music, artists, activists, team members, and Chale Guadamuz, the director of The Hague Peace Projects.
Everyone will also have access to huge discounts and presales, so that we can gather funds to kickstart our project.

Email Us!

Email Us at Projects@thehaguepeace.org for activists, writers, and general inquiries at Social@thehaguepeace.org for artists

Our Sales

We are building an online sales campaign based on the incredible works of our collaborating artists.

In this way, we raise funds to support our activists, we spread the names of our artists, and we fill our homes with the totems of our community.

Not only will you have access to exclusive and unique canvases, but also to our photobook:
We are producing a crossover book which unites the storytelling potential of a photographic book with the visuals of Instagram.
In this way, you will finally be able to delve into the stories of our activists, and have a close up view of what it is that compels them to fight for a better Lebanon.


We Are Not Doing This Alone
Our partners are part of the community, and, like us, they firmly support human rights.

We joined forces with the brilliant independent podcaster Amanda Haydar, founder of Let’s Talk Peace.

Check out her website and listen to the outstanding stories of our artists, activists, and team members

Get Involved

Join The Community, Become Part of Change

Follow us at @thehaguepeaceprojects at engage with us
Talk about us with your family and friends: they may give you a nice canvas and photo book combo for Christmas!

You can donate, buy, and pay in installments
But also come to our online events and get extra discounts!

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“It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.” —Eleanor Roosevelt


The Project

What is The Hague X Beirut?

It is a sales campaign structured for 360° social impact. We sell printed works of our favorite local artists and an exclusive cross-over book, that merges the photography book structure with Instagram’s visuals. We use the proceeds to provide the basic needs fo three human rights activists and to pay the artists

What do we want to do?

As the Hague Peace Project, we want to step out of the NGO mainstream where often whilst trying to be a “force of change”, an NGO itself can become the very force that “limits” change. We want to change that. This is why the goal of The Hague X Beirut is to put all of our tools to the sole benefit of the people of Beirut without taking over the narrative. We don’t want to be the spokesperson, but rather the microphone for a civil society that deserves to be heard.

How do we want to do it?

What better way to highlight the voices of Beirut than to let them take the lead?
Our project is self-funded, led by the initiatives of Beirut activists, and it aims to use our platform to raise awareness for the cause, to strengthen our collaborators’ position in the market whilst times of economic difficulty.We aim to support the affected efficiently. No wasted funds, no victimization, but honest and powerful coverage aimed at empowering the whole community.

Where do we stand?

We strive for impartiality, yet passionately support human rights and recognize that by handing the spotlight to those affected, we indirectly take a political stance. It’s important to know that Beirut remains a fragmented political environment. Because of this, we abide by The Hague Peace Project’s code of conduct and we stand against discrimination, whilst being aware that our work is not completely unbiased.


On IG @thehaguepeaceprojects, #TheHagueXBeirut
Email at Projects@thehaguepeace.org for activists, writers, and general inquiries and at Social@thehaguepeace.org for artists .

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The Team of The Hague X Beirut