Vacancy #1.

Ref: HPP2019EAHH94

Executive Assistant – The Hague Hacks

  • Publication date : 09-4-2019
  • Start date : Open
  • Places available 1
  • Number of hours per week 16  hours 
  • Location Den Haag

*Volunteer Position

About Us:

The Hague Hacks is an organization that strives to bridge the gap between human rights and technology by connecting a range of trans-disciplinary actors to create and/or develop technology that empowers human rights defenders and improves the safety and freedom of victims of human rights violations. We do so by organizing meet-ups, such as our Hague Hacks Festival or our Ideation Sessions, to bring diverse actors together to discuss, dissect and brainstorm possible technological aids/solutions to complex human rights issues. The Hague Hacks is one of many projects with The Hague Peace Projects, a young and dynamic community of peace advocates, diaspora members, and human rights defenders.


The position involves assisting the Project Coordinators includes (but is not limited to):

  • Update monthly calendars and task managers.

  • Take notes and record meeting minutes.

  • Organize monthly meetings with our working groups.

  • Aid in the organization of trans-disciplinary meet-ups.

  • Correspond with partners with respect to trans-disciplinary meet-ups.

  • Research possible funding opportunities.

  • Compose and schedule Social Media posts on all our platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

Suggest ideas when they believe that constructive criticisms can improve an idea, project, event, etc.


At the moment, The Hague Hacks is a small team. Therefore, finding the perfect fit is essential. Our ideal candidate would embody the following qualities:

Passion for advancing human rights by improving the apparatuses and institutions that protect human rights defenders and restore justice to the victims of human rights violations.

  • Interest or curiosity for technological innovation is an asset.

  • Ability to meet deadlines.

  • Work with minimal supervisor.

  • Team player.

  • Positive Attitude.

Fluent in English (Dutch not required but highly valued).

What will you gain?

– You will develop tech and innovative skills.
– You will expand your tech, peace and justice network.
– You will work with a young, dynamic team.

Time Commitment:

Flexible schedule of approximately 16 hours per week.

Vacancy #2.

Ref: HPP2019OFC24

Outreach and Fundraising Coordinator – Programme Department

  • Publication date : 02-4-2019
  • Start date : Open
  • Places available 1
  • Number of hours per week 10 hours 
  • Location Den Haag

*Volunteer Position

Your Work:

The outreach and fundraising coordinator will coordinate Ya Laziz community outreach and fundraising initiatives. He/she will work to increase the organization’s presence in the community and build relationships with individuals, groups and other organizations in support of Ya Laziz work as well as helping in writing proposals.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The outreach and fundraising coordinator will:

– Develop and implement outreach strategies for active Ya Laziz campaigns.
– Lead the planning and management of fundraising events.
– Identify relevant community events and coordinate participation in these events.
– Coordinate online outreach activities, including social media updates.
– Actively reach out to community groups and organizations to explore partnership opportunities.
– Contribute to communications, outreach, marketing, public relations and media relations activities as required.


– Excellent organizational, written and oral communication skills.
– Project management experience.
– Fundraising and/or event planning experience.
– Detail oriented and committed to meeting deadlines .
– Excellent interpersonal skills.
– Works well independently and as part of a team.
– Dutch and English languages are required.

What will you gain?

– You will develop your fundraising skills.
– You will develop your event management skills.
– You will work with young active team.

Time Commitment:

Flexible schedule of approximately 10 hours per week, dependent upon timing of organizational commitments and deadlines.

Vacancy #3.

Ref: HPP2019322CDF

Fundraisers – Communications Department

  • Publication date : 22-3-2019
  • Start date : Open
  • Places available 1
  • Number of hours per week 16 hours 
  • Location Den Haag

*Volunteer Position


-Able to scan funding opportunities
-Able to meet funding targets
-Able to create campaigns and manage them
-Able to make friends easily
-Able to give quick feedback to team and partners
-Can meet tight deadlines
-Can maintain all funding portfolios : gifts, small, medium & big donors
-Works with minimal supervision

Your Work

-You  will be required  to work on a year to five year fundraising plans executed by the communications team with backing from the strategic team overseeing what you do.

-You will work on events, projects and programs that have tight budgets and have a short to long-term execution demands.

– You will have input in the production of a lot of materials, campaigns and fiscal/accountability reports.

-You will work with top tier executives and  stakeholders  who are pressed for time and need quick results and solutions to challenges, plus demand  to know how their funds have been used.

-Your work will  be tedious, yet rich and rewarding with the network and good you will be part of over time.


-Knowledge in fundraising and grant management.

-Able to train and improve your team.

-A degree that touches on fundraising and money management is essential.

-A keen eye for funding opportunities.

-A great love for philanthropy, humanity, good for all, integrity and a dedication to your work.

If interested in any of the above vacancies, please send your CV, cover letter and portfolio of what you have managed to