We have committed ourselves to make change happen. Are you with us?

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As little as € 35 per month can make all the difference to grassroot activism on the front line!



We support those who work relentlessly every day to stop violence, abuse and discrimination around the world.

Every donation, no matter how small, makes a huge difference to the lives of people who fight for the rights of all of us.

With as little as 35 EUR a month, we can provide unlimited internet and communication (so they can stay safe at all times).
With an extra 100 EUR, we can provide health insurance (this means the difference between life and death in many cases).
With another 300 EUR we can go even further, all the way to helping with basic needs and providing tailored training programs for effective and non-violent peace building.

So, with as little as 435 EUR a month, you can fully sponsor a changemaker that is working on the front lines.

Action is the making of imagination



Building a Better Future Together

Real success comes when many people commit to make something happen. We have committed ourselves to make change happen, are you with us?

We recommend you start with a monthly commitment that you feel comfortable with. You can always commit to more in the future. Once you see the progress, we are sure you will.

Where does your money go?

As a human rights organisation we believe in peace and transparency. The Hague Peace Projects is a non-profit organisation with the ANBI status from the Dutch government making your donations tax deductable. This is possible because 100% of the money that you donate is used to move peace forward.

No more than 10% of all received donations are used to cover our operational costs and sustain our human rights actors, volunteers and infrastructure. As we go, we work to reduce this even further.

Donate your time instead of your money

Without the efforts of our highly motivated volunteers we would not be able to achieve the results we do. Our human rights support, activities, events, and campaigns have made a significant impact on many people and communities. Join our team for a truly inspiring journey into the grass-roots work of a human rights activist.

Partner and Sponsorship

As a non-profit organization, the Hague Peace Projects has been assigned the ANBI status by the Dutch Tax Agency. With this status, donations can be deducted from your taxable income. If you are interested in supporting us, please get in touch.

Something to Say?

We are always open to your input. If you have something to share with us please feel free to drop us an email or fill in the form below.

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