From Syria with Love

November 7, 2022

The Freedom Sessions #2

Coming Soon on Saturday 19th November, 2022

The Freedom Sessions is a series of monthly events that brings together the communities of The Hague to meet new people and enjoy the music, food, and cultural richness of the city.

After a successful first edition dedicated to Lebanon and The Hague x Beirut project, the Freedom Sessions are back with the second edition ‘From Syria with Love’ on Saturday, November 19th, 2022.

The Freedom Sessions is made possible by the support and generosity of the Oranje Fonds.

  • Information

Date/Datum: Saturday/Zaterdag November 19, 2022
Start/Aanvang: 18.00
Location/Locatie: Dandana Café & Lounge, De Sillestraat 45, Den Haag
Entrance/Entree: Free/Gratis

This Freedom Sessions will be live-streamed on radio

You can join at

Radio Anin

Hana Ibrahim will be our special guest with her radio show Radio Anin. We will talk with and hear about Syrian and Arab refugee experiences in the Netherlands, give practical tips and financial advice on Dutch burocracy, and share stories about fun and interesting aspects of Dutch culture with the audience.

Join us and interact with other people in a safe space for sharing and listening to one another.

Hana Ibrahim is a media professional, journalist, radio speaker and drama writer with extensive experience in refugee support and protection in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and The Netherlands.

In 2022, Hana launched her own radio show called Radio Anin, an Arabic platform that supports Arab expatriates by providing information about everyday life in the Netherlands, offering them a familiar and comforting space in which they can talk about their challenges and experiences.

Want to know more? Then join us for the second edition of the Freedom Sessions ‘From Syria with Love’ on Saturday, November 19th, 2022.

Come to hear and talk about the experience of Syrian and Arab refugees in the Netherlands, and share some fun and typical aspects of Dutch culture.

Communities of The Hague

The Hague is a city rich in cultural diversity. To cherish the beautiful diversity of the city and the freedom we enjoy, we want to bring the people of The Hague together. As The International City of Peace and Justice, we invite you to share the freedoms we have and to help explore those that we should strive for.

Freedom Reflections

What is Freedom to you?

Be who you are
Have no fear
Live with dignity
Love who you want
Have a ‘voice’
Make friends
Form communities
Be validated
Diverse perspectives

Freedom Conundrums

Total freedom is the worst thing you could wish for
Freedom is a contradiction
Freedom is at best, a happy chaos
Without a shared logic of humanity, there is no freedom

What do you think Freedom is?

Send us an email and let us know your thoughts!

  • Logistical information

Date/ Datum: Saturday/Zaterdag November 19, 2022
Start/ Aanvang: 18.00
Location/ Locatie: Dandana Café & Lounge, De Sillestraat 45, Den Haag

Supporters of The Freedom Sessions

We would like to thank the Oranje Fonds for their support of The Freedom Sessions. Without the generous support and investment by organisations such as these, our work would not be possible.

Special thank you to


Radio Anin

Steen Bentall

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