Fundraiser for Earthquake Victims from Syria

February 15, 2023

Freedom Sessions Fundraiser

DATE: Friday 19:00, 24th February, 2023

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* Join us to raise funds to support the earthquake victims of northern Syria *

The Earthquake

On the 6th of February 2023, an earthquake hit Turkey and Syria causing devastating damage and loss of life. Those affected are in dire need of emergency relief with at least 24 millions people already affected by the disaster.

The current situation in Syria is critical and has added to the country’s already dire humanitarian crisis. Over a million people have been displaced and many are struggling to access basic necessities like food, water, and medical care. The earthquake has destroyed homes, buildings, and infrastructure, leaving many people without shelter and essential services.

Syria – Photo by Hosien Azour on Unsplash

Humanitarian Crisis

With more than 40 thousand dead in Syria and Turkey, the earthquake has left tens of thousands of people in need of urgent help. Estimates suggest the death toll could pass 50,000, and up to five million Syrians are feared homeless as a result of the earthquake.

Measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, the largest earthquake in the area in 84 years caused extreme devastation in the already crumbling infrastructure of northwest Syria. As millions became homeless overnight, the Syrian people have literally been hit by a double crisis.

Photo by Engin Akyurt

International Aid

International aid continues to reach Turkey, but efforts to deliver aid to Syria are proving far more challenging.

So much so that the UN’s Emergency Relief Co-ordinator, Martin Griffiths, tweeted the following:

At the #Türkiye-#Syria border today.
We have so far failed the people in north-west Syria.
They rightly feel abandoned. Looking for international help that hasn’t arrived.
My duty and our obligation is to correct this failure as fast as we can.
That’s my focus now.

— Martin Griffiths (@UNReliefChief) February 12, 2023

You can Help

Our focus is to raise funds to support these people in dire need. Given the civil war and the political backdrop in Turkey, what are actually your best options for delivering targeted support?

Join us for an evening of fundraising and discussions where we will explore these types of questions and more. The evening’s activities will be streamed live on Facebook here.

Syria – Photo by Samer Daboul

Your support can help provide vital assistance to those most in need!

Donate Now

This QR code directs you to a trusted non-governmental organisation who specialise in ensuring the donated funds go directly to support the Syrian earthquake victims. (The Hague Peace Projects has no affiliation with this organisation).

At The Hague Peace Projects we want to come together in support of all the people afflicted by the earthquake.

During the fundraiser we will host a discussion concerning the issues of delivering aid, international law, dealing with the humanitarian crisis, and any other matters people consider important to talk about.

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Friday February 24, 2023
HPP office, Paviljoensgracht 20 (top floor), Den Haag

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