Fundraiser for Families in Need in Gaza – 24 March 2024

March 20, 2024

Fundraiser Gaza – March 24


*Donations open until April 18, 2024*
All funds go directly to families in need in Gaza!

(@fundsforgaza for more info on donating – a list of targeted fundraisers for families in Gaza curated by Let’s Talk Palestine)

On Sunday 24th of March, humanity came together to save lives. The fundraiser was organised by a new initiative from Amsterdam called: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun(ds) and hosted at The Hague Peace Projects.

The event was a response to the desperate situation in which families in Gaza find themselves today. A situation which is the direct result of Israel’s ongoing war crimes against the Palestinian people, with hundreds of thousands of civilians currently facing imminent death by starvation and disease. It is a humanitarian disaster that leaves the vast majority of political representation in Europe and America shamelessly unmoved, instead reserving their outrage for humanity’s critique on their own indifference or support of it.

And so, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun(ds) took it upon themselves to represent the moral conscience of The Netherlands. Their goal for the day: to generate funds for families in Gaza, in the hope that at least some lives could be saved.

The afternoon kicked off with an introductory speech that highlighted the severity of the situation in Gaza and the plight of the Palestinian people. We were reminded that this was a day of symptom mangement and not in itself any kind of solution to the humanitarian crises that caused it. Today was simply about trying to do something to alleviate the latest and most urgent of them.

Nevertheless, over 50 visitors from different backgrounds and ages arrived armed with hope. They enjoyed music and dance performances, while food and drinks and purchases from the small shop of handmade products helped top up the donation pot.

Payments and donations were made possible via a QR code that invited you to choose your own contribution. At the end of the day, donations had reached 850 Euros. The final payment to @fundsforgaza a few days later had risen to 1,345 Euros!

As a first event organised by @GIRLSJWANTFUNDS, it was an impressive success. To learn more about what is happening in Gaza, they produced flyers containing useful links and tips on how to get involved:

For more information about @GIRLSJWANTFUNDS and pictures of the event, follow the story on Instagram.

*Donations open until April 18, 2024*
All funds go directly to families in need in Gaza!

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