Muslims on TV

September 17, 2020

An insightful process of honest reflection reads between the lines of Dutch news and talk show attitudes

Tayfun Balcik with journalist and documentary maker Hassnae Bouazza.

A look at the portrayal of Muslims in the Dutch media each week. Tayfun Balcik interviews a different guest every episode to discuss and reflect upon their chosen fragments.

This project is a summer of TV watching. Media messages about ‘the Muslims’ or ‘the Islam’ are scrutinized by our panel and we invite you to do the same. Muslims on TV is a research by The Hague Peace Projects. Episodes and articles will be published on Nieuw Wij and Republiek Allochtonië.

See interview with Tayfun Balcik by Nieuw Wij

Moslims op TV met Hassnae Bouazza (DEEL I)

Muslims on TV

Moslims op TV met Sakina Loukili (DEEL I)

Muslims on TV

Moslims op TV met Sakina Loukili (DEEL II)

Muslims on TV

Moslims op TV met PhD-student Tasniem Anwar

Muslims on TV

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