Freedom Fair

A Festival about Freedom

Freedom Book Fair is a three day festival about freedom. It is much more than just a book fair. It is a place where activists, writers, journalists, artists and critical citizens come together to call attention to a more free, just and peaceful society.



Promote Freedom of Speech


Raise awareness of global human rights challenges


Engage public in international literature and art

Making Change


The Hague X Beirut Kid Throwing Rock



Freedom Fair is the place where we are free to express

“What can be done to help our colleagues in countries where freedom of expression is at stake, without putting them in danger, and without patronising? That is what the Freedom Book Fair is doing in The Hague, without saying we are here to save you, but we are here to create a shared space and be equals.”

Freedom Fair is the place where we discuss and debate

“I’m not interested in someone saying thank you for the Dutch freedom you have, as opposed to being in Afghanistan where you are in danger. The team behind the Freedom Book Fair is careful when choosing thematics, and stay away from stereotypes. They also question themselves and their own role to create true solidarity and action. Because solidarity without action, without creating space, is useless.”



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Freedom Fair is the place where we connect

“We could be more than geography, than nations.”

Quotes: Canan Marasligil