Peace in Ukraine – Time to Talk!

“Listening is being able to be changed by the other person”

– Alan Alda

Project Synopsis

The effects of the war in Ukraine take us away from peace every day. We are facing an escalation of armed conflict which brings the likelihood of direct confrontation between nuclear superpowers ever closer. Talking remains the only route to achieving its peaceful, sustainable, and desirable resolution.

Yet, the war in Ukraine continues to be treated as a conflict that can be won. As the devastating consequences of this confrontation threaten to become incalculable, political and mainstream rhetoric leave increasingly less room for its resolution through dialogue. Time to Talk! is a concerted effort to begin the process of dialogue between all parties involved in the Russian invasion of Ukraine and other violent confrontations in the world.


  • Abandon the policy of escalation and actively seek a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Ukraine, for example by setting up a national advisory committee to advise on possible diplomatic solutions to the war.
  • Make efforts at EU level to appoint an EU peace envoy who will explore the possibilities for a diplomatic solution with both Russia and Ukraine.
  • Use the influence of the Netherlands in the EU to organize an international conference between all warring parties, including Russia, the US, Ukraine, NATO and the EU, in which agreements can be made about a common, permanent and sustainable security framework.

“The art of conversation lies in listening”

– Malcom Forbes