Media campaign: Let us talk about COVID

April 9, 2020

To help counteract the spread of fake-news in Nicaragua, and minimize the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus, the Corona Care project includes a media campaign targeting its most vulnerable groups, disseminating reliable, ‘fact-checked’ information, and the practice of sensible protocols and daily routines.

In collaboration with different communication agencies and affiliated organizations of the Nicaraguan diaspora, we will be developing and distributing precautionary measures based on the specific situation that the Nicaraguan population is going through, through different media and activities.

The majority of the Nicaraguan population do not have sufficient resources to buy medical supplies, to stay home or inform themselves about the present pandemic that is sweeping our planet. We also have to take into account that thousands are being forced to continue providing physical assistance in their study centers, workplaces, and activities with a high agglomeration of people.

It is for these reasons that our group is working hard to create information that can reach all parts of the country, in a way that can help the population to be informed and prepared to protect themselves within their daily activities. At the same time, we want to raise awareness about what’s happening in Nicaragua to the world, and develop an open channel to discuss ways to help each other.


Media Kit
Development of infographics that users can download from our website with formats that can be distributed and shared in social networks. Based on international health organizations, epidemiologists and other medical professionals.

Health awareness videos
Creation of videos where we call the users to increase awareness of what’s happening in Nicaragua, what to do in case of a COVID-19 infection, how does it feel to have COVID-19, and others topics to help people understand about the real impact of the virus and stop the spreading of fake news.


Virtual events and activities
Develop virtual events with open dialogue platforms between several people where they can interact talking about a specific topic while the spectators can also interact in the dialog through questions and answers in real-time.

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