Dialogue as the Route to Peace



We all had a story to tell, so we agreed to listen

The Hague Peace Projects serves as a platform for Dialogue and Peacebuilding. By facilitating and encouraging the sharing of different perspectives we strive to pave the way for respect and reciprocity between conflicting parties.


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Peace: Time to Talk!

Interview with Lawrence Wilkerson, Ret. US Colonel

Interview with Karen Kwiatkowski, ret. USAF Lieut. Colonel

Interview with Harry van Bommel, former member of parliament for the SP

Interview with Jeffrey Sachs, renowned economics professor and global leader in sustainable development

Public debate #1 – Grey Space, The Hague

Public debate #2 – Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

Public debate #3 – Election debate 2023, The Hague


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Give Peace a Chance

We must never forget the importance of talking, the inclusivity and honesty of which determines our ability to understand, de-escalate, and prevent our conflicts

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30 November – 16 December

Culture UnlimitedFestival Program 2023