Turks in New-West

March 3, 2018

Toerkoes in Nieuw-West, NL 

Little is know about the journey of the Turks in the Netherlands  and what they have had to put up with to integrate into the Dutch society. It is not just the little known story of a group of immigrants that left their country in search of work in the Netherlands and thereafter had children.

Research led by several experts on loneliness investigating the phenomena amongst the Turks in Amsterdam points out that they are an isolated lot. Language barrier and discrimination, tell the tale often of a bitter pill and their own personal sores that are being licked.

Tayfun Balcik, the Turkish and Kurdish Dialogue work group leader at The Hague Peace Projects is leading a healing journey that rubs on to the senses  of a people in need of a conversation centered on bringing them together. He couples his discussions with music and often food and perhaps this is the start of breaking the ice.

The ‘Toerkoes in Nieuw-West’ series is a returning event that enjoyed its 4th iteration on 26th March 2019 at the New Metropolis, Burgemeester Rendorpstraat 1-3, 1064 EL Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Toerkoes in Nieuw-West #1. Terug in Nederland.

Toerkoes in Nieuw-West #1. Terug in Nederland.

Toerkoes in Nieuw-West #2. Turkish vegetarian meatballs in waiting.

Toerkoes in Nieuw-West #2. The delicious mix in set!

Toerkoes in Nieuw-West #2.

Toerkoes in Nieuw-West #3. Turkish loneliness in the city.

Toerkoes in Nieuw-West #4. Are you Turkish or Moroccan?

Geschreven door Tayfun Balcik

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