Movies That Matter 2019

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Events, News

Movies that Move you! 

The Hague Hacks, in partnership with Movies that Matter and Border Sessions, is excited to invite you to our Ideation Session on March 25th, at 15.30, at The Filmhuis in The Hague.

Film is a powerful tool against social indiference. In the footsteps of the Amnesty International Film Festival, Movies that Matter continues to share stories that open one’s eyes to human rights injustices and the activists who defend these human rights. Movies that Matter believes that film has the unprecedented capacity to raise awareness and provide new insight. The Hague Hacks believes that film provides a spark for empathy, discussion and connection that allows people of different backgrounds to become passionate about human rights and brainstorm innovative solutions.

The Ideation Session on March 25th brings together the worlds of peace, justice and technology through film. Guests will view one of three films presented by Movies That Matter. The films capture the lives, struggles, and advocacy of human rights defenders from Thailand (Ghost Fleet), South Africa (Eveything Must Fall) and the USA (The Feeling of Being Watched). After viewing the films, a dinner will be served at 18:30 as part of the evening’s festivities. The Ideation Session – a discussion and brainstorm between participants – will take place after dinner which participants have the opportunity to ask questions to the human rights defenders and explore the complexities of these challenges beyond the films.

Fotografie Eelkje Colmjon.

In this brief but intense brainstorming session, we hope that conversations between participants will spark new understandings of the human rights issue and potential tech-solutions will emerge as a result. We believe that this format of problem-solving creates networks and ideas that live on long after the event itself. The event will close with a recap and short presentation.

The Ideation Sessions (this includes the film screening, dinner and ideation) is completely free. However, there is a limited number of places available. First come, first serve.

If you miss your chance to participate in the Ideation Session, but still want to attend the film screening, tickets are available here with Movies That Matter.

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Events, News

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