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Hague Hacks Festival 2019 great success!

Having deeply embedded ourselves in the human rights and environmental challenges at The Hague Hacks Festival, we rounded off a truly productive and insightful day with presentations from each of the 5 workshops. Read the blog and stay in touch for more detailed reports of the output of each workshop in the weeks to come.

Welcome to The Hague Hacks

 By positioning itself at the intersection of public, corporate, academic, and governmental sectors, The Hague Hacks strives to remove collaborative obstacles and bridge existing knowledge gaps with human rights activism.

What do we do?

Connecting worlds

Grass-roots are embedded into our process

As a project of The Hague Peace Projects, we belong to an extensive, grassroots network of human rights defenders, diaspora members, community leaders, and peace activists. We integrate grass-roots knowledge and human rights problem-owners into a cross-sector idea-creation, design, and development process to produce reactive and proactive human rights solutions and peace-building projects.

Design for Activism

Design for Activism is a new and innovative program to create sustainable cooperation between the sectors of Human Rights, Technology, Academia, and Government in order to research and develop effective (technology) solutions to global human rights challenges. To develop this program, we have partnered with Stanford University and Border Sessions to build a decentralized collaboration between sectors that goes beyond facilitating program sustainability through the sharing of resources.

We argue that this plurality of perspectives enriches the problem-solving process and leads to innovative new tech ideas for human rights advocacy. We believe that these connections produce innovative ideas that would never have occurred outside of our ideation sessions, and that is why it is our goal to be that bridge between the worlds of human rights and technology.

Idea Creation

The Hague Hacks Festival

The Hague Hacks Festival is our main ideation (idea creation) event of the year. We create a trans-disciplinary exchange where human rights defenders share their experiences and unpack human rights violations in their communities. At the Festival, we bring together expertise from diverse sectors with the goal of capitalizing on cross-sector expertise to output effective and plausible tech solutions to real human rights issues.

Latest News & Events

The Hague Hacks Festival 2019 Blog

The Hague Hacks Festival 2019: Rethinking Tech as a Medium for Peace What comes after Instagram, Microsoft, and Facebook? And what does The Hague have to do with it? Technology has gotten us far, very far. Further than the wildest dreams of the most visionary men and...

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‘Set Free’ – The Hague Hague Festival 2019

Set Free: The Hague Hacks Festival 2019 Save the date! On Friday December 6th we will hold our third annual Hague Hacks Festival! Do you have your tickets yet? This year, we will focus on how tech can empower human rights and freedoms. We will look at rights and...

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The Hague Innovators Challenge 2020

Apply Now for the Innovators Challenge 2020! DO YOU HAVE AN INNOVATIVE IDEA THAT SOLVES A GLOBAL CHALLENGE? JOIN THE HAGUE INNOVATORS CHALLENGE FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN A PRIZE BETWEEN € 2.500 AND € 25.000. The world is becoming more complex and societal issues are...

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Nextview Event: From personal stories to concept-prototype

Early Warning System Concept-prototype“I’ve never done it before. So I think I can do it.” – Pippi Longstocking By Nina Nout   We held our Nextview Event on June 19 surrounded by inspirational quotes in the beautiful workshop space of the Nextview Design Centre...

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Movies That Matter 2019

Movies that Move you! The Hague Hacks, in partnership with Movies that Matter and Border Sessions, is excited to invite you to our Ideation Session on March 25th, at 15.30, at The Filmhuis in The Hague. Film is a powerful tool against social indiference. In the...

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Festivals and Events

Every December, our main idea-creation event of the year connects grass-roots knowledge with industry, municipal, and academic expertise. By bringing this experience and expertise together, and organizing and facilitating collaborations with Startups, Scaleups, and NGOs, The Hague Hacks hopes to stimulate new partnerships and opportunities, and promote the development and use of current and emerging technologies for the propagation of peace and justice.

At a Border Sessions Lab you dive into a specific topic or theme together with a diverse group of designers, hackers, students, entrepreneurs, artists, innovation managers, activists, citizens, and scientists. It is an opportunity to tinker, think, and build together towards a clear mission and goal. Join one of the labs, meet new people and find common ground to innovate and kickstart future endeavours. Explore an extensive programme with labs, summits, movies, meetups, and entertainment.

Together with various media partners, Movies That Matter screen films that open eyes online, on TV, or in the movie theater. For our Movies That Matter Ideation sessions, five important activist films are viewed and discussed by the film’s director, actors, and an audience of human rights defenders and technology experts to brainstorm new insights and projects that address the issues put forth during the movies. Reserve your seat in advance as places are limited.

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